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Dear Internet Customers,

We are making some changes here at Electra Telephone Internet. On November 7, we will be upgrading and expanding our ISP services to add value and better serve our customers. A few of the changes will require some minor action on your part.

Below we have listed the changes. Watch your electratel.net E-Mail on November 7 for instructions to all changes you will need to make. If you do not use ElectraTel .net E-Mail, the instructions will also be posted on our website, click here to view instructions.

Mandatory Changes

SMTP Authentication - In order to reduce virus and Spam proliferation, our outgoing email servers will require SMTP Authentication using the full email username and password to authenticate users before sending email. This will require that minor configuration changes in your email programs be updated to support SMTP authentication, and that you login with your full username and password for email sessions.

Outgoing (SMTP) server name change- The new email configuration will also require changing the outgoing mail server in your email client to smtp.electratel.net. The POP3 (incoming) server name will stay the same, pop.electratel.net.

Personal Web Space- Currently when you upload or FTP your files to your personal web space, the host name you log into is users.electratel.net. After the November 7th upgrade, you will need to point your FTP client to ftp.electratel.net to upload your files.

Updated Services and Controls

End User Control Panel - All of the tools you will need to manage your account(s) are in one easy to use My Account interface. Following the upgrade, you will be able to change your passwords, add and remove basic Internet services, modify Spam and Virus settings, add, edit or delete extra email accounts, manage your personal web space, access email via the World Wide Web (Webmail), access Greymail, (the new Spam and virus filter), and edit your advanced email settings all in one convenient location. The URL will be http://myaccount.electratel.net.

Modifying Spam and Virus Settings and using Greymail –Through the End User Control Panel, you can turn spam and virus filtering on or off, control your spam sensitivity, block email from specific addresses, entire domains, or a combination of these (Blacklist), block mail from countries known for generating a lot of spam, or allow mail from specific addresses or domains to go through to your inbox (Whitelist). Greymail allows you to see your quarantined mail, forward approved emails to your inbox, see which emails may contain viruses, and select options for spam life, spam sensitivity, and toggle spam and virus notifications on or off.

Tattlemail - Tattlemail is like a watchdog for Greymail. Some content in Greymail may be inappropriate for children. Tattlemail provides a password for access to Greymail and sends an email to a specified address when anyone in your group of accounts tries to access Greymail.

Manage your Personal Web Site - Personal web space is a repository for storing a website, documents, images or photos by using an Internet browser, web page editor or ftp (File Transfer Protocol) application to upload these files. Personal web space administration is password protected so that files will stay safe and secure and will be available for others to view and download by surfing to your URL (Universal Resource Locator). Each user account will be allowed 10 Mb for this space free of charge. For customers that are using more space, a 30 day grace period will be given before charges occur.

Content Filtering, Parental Controls- Parental Controls provides the ability to allow blocks of time when users can be on email or on the Web. This is typically used by parents to monitor when their kids are allowed to surf the Web. You will have a complimentary three months free.

Accelerated Dialup – This service speeds up your internet experience by up to five times, using your existing dialup phone line and modem. electratel.net dialup customers can try this feature free for three months. Existing dial accelerated customers will have to reestablish this feature on your PC. Go to electratel.net for instructions after November 7 th.

Video E-Mail - Video E-Mail allows you to record video and audio (camera and microphone required) and includes a link in your email that will allow users to view and hear your recorded message.  Anyone with a Windows PC can play back the audio and video message - no special software is needed.  Video email does not include a large attachment, only a link to the files.  When accessed, the audio and video messages simply "stream” across the Internet from our servers!

Security Suite- This package provides security functions: firewall, anti-spyware, virus protection, protects your identity and privacy, pop-up blocker, protects instant messages so they cannot be monitored, and secures your computer from wireless network hackers.

This all-in-one security package is $3.95 per month. Call our office for additional PC coverage pricing.

Network Storage Drive – (N Drive) This function allows users to store files and information on a remote network storage drive for better security and recovery in case of incidents like file corruption, accidental file deletion, loss or damage to your personal computer or work station. The software works well with automated backup systems and has a very intuitive interface making the network drive appear like any other drive on your computer in most applications when a “save as” function is activated. 10 Mg storage space is available free. A charge will occur if more space is needed.

Help Desk- Technical Support- Even though you will reach a different technical support staff, the electratel.net technical support telephone number will be the same. 1-888-896-7819 is still free to our customers, still 24 hours, seven days a week.

E-Mail Space - 25 Mb. of space will be allotted per E-Mail account. For customers needing more space, a 30 day grace period will be given before charges occur.

We suggest you keep this document for your reference until you are comfortable with the new services and changes. We hope the upgrades and enhancements are beneficial to you and we look forward to serving you in the future.


The Staff of Electra Telephone Internet